Beautiful Mind Autism School

Beautiful Mind is a sensory immersion school for children with autism, pdd-nos, global developmental delay and sensory integration issues.

The goal of Beautiful Mind is to keep expanding, keep improving, keep learning so the best educational environment and experience is provided to local children with autism. Some of parents aim to have their child mainstreamed into public school and simply need a little longer to prepare their child we can do that! Some of parents want to provide their child with a completely alternative education and we can do that!

The School of Autism is a place that families with children with autism can go to get therapy, support and education. Through play, sensory immersion and guidance by people who actually have been through the same process, families and children with autism can be treated and educated in one place.
Normally, a child with autism will have to be taken to different offices for speech therapy, occupational therapy, and preschool classes. Families sometimes feel like they are alone and they don’t know what to do or how to help their child. We have speech, occupational and physical therapy integrated into all of our daily activities. Each child receives what they need in each area.
We evaluate each child in the areas of sensory sensitivities, nutrition, social, cognitive and language development and start teaching them from where ever they are at.
We care about every child we work with. The children receive praise and positive reinforcement for every accomplishment. We truly celebrate every small step forward with the child and their parents.

Every step,
every day adds up.
We will make it;
we can get there,
one day at a time.

Currently we have 150 students approximately.

Our Address :

Plot # 1145, Road # 6/A
Dolipara, Sector # 5, Uttara
Dhaka -1230, Bangladesh.

Telephone: +88 02 891 7699