Autistic Children’s Home

Our institute is named “ACHI” (autistic children’s home & institute). We started our journey in April 2014 with 3 students. Now the number of the students is 13 amongst whom 3 students are residential. Others are non-residential. We are well equipped for 20 residential children with one guardian. We accept the students having Cerebral palsy, ASD, Downs syndrome, hearing impairment etc. We have four departments- occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, physio therapy and special education.
The school time is 9am-1pm. Within this time the children takes the therapies and special education. If you need anymore info please contact me.

Syeda Bushra Haider,
Executive Director,
Phone number- 01914959054, 01819256782

Address- “Institute for autistic children & blind, old home & TN mother child hospital”,
Chandulia, Boliarpur,Savar, Dhaka. (Dhaka-Aricha highway)